Viewing Tips

This website is designed with a landscape style layout, well suited for widescreen monitors or tablets, in combination with Windows 8 or Mac OS-X, but also compatible with older operating systems.

For standard 4:3 type monitors, we made sure that important content is always shown on the left side of the screen. If you see photos on the right only in part, you may click on them to open them in a separate window.

Here are a few tips for better viewing on smaller screens:

Most browsers on a PC let you:

•  Enter (and exit) FULL SCREEN with the [F11] key. Or use [Esc] to exit.
•  Scroll sideways by using the arrow keys ← and →.
•  Zoom-in and out using the [Ctrl] key in combination with [+] or [-].

This site is compatible with all major browsers: Internet Explorer (v.8 and later), Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. In our experience Chrome, IE 10 and Firefox are the most versatile and easy to use. They are downloadable for free and work well with all modern PCs as well as Apple computers.

A smart-phone version of this site is not (yet) available, nor for iPod. However, it should work fine on iPads and similar tablets.