Inner Space Services, Inc. takes great pride in their safety program
and excellent safety record.

The company's president is normally the Site Safety and Health Officer on the project, which emphazises the owner’s commitment to lead a culture focused on safety. Laurie Lee Mason, President of Inner Space Services says:

    “What makes us different is that we start each day with an informal safety meeting, stressing that anyone on that job can and should stop the work if they see something unsafe. Additionally, the Owners of the Company are in the field on every job, from start to finish, working alongside their employees, watching, anticipating and staying vested daily in the safety of their crew, equipment and project.

    Our crews have been with us for many years, giving them and us a sense of family, making it even more personal that each person gets home at night safely and in good health. Each day either one or both of the Company principals is on the job working and evaluating situations that could be potentially problematic. We have done every aspect of the work before, ourselves, so we know what can go wrong. Being there gives us the ability to make quick decisions, immediately, if it is thought that employees, equipment or the environment could be in jeopardy.”

Safety Training & Certifications

Although a small business, ISSI has an extensive safety program that rivals programs of larger construction corporations. For example, the management hold the following training and certifications for a project:

• Personal Protective Equipment Training
• First Aid/CPR
• Obtain Job Specific Requirements, Update and maintain
• OSHA HAZMAT 40 hour site operations certification (with recertification annually)
• OSHA 40 hours site safety certified
• OSHA 10 hours Construction Safety and Health
• Confined Space Entrant, Attendant & Supervisor Certification
• NASBLA USCG Boating Safety Certification
• USACE CQC Certified

ISSI's consistent, disciplined, and positive safety culture leads to a company that has employees that are well trained and committed to performing safe operations.

Proud winner of the 2010 US Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District “SAFETY PAYS” AWARD. FOR THE GIWW, CR-AR, Maintenance Dredging, Vicinity of Venice Inlet, 9-Foot Project, Sarasota County FL project.


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