Department of the Navy

"Inner Space Dredging Services' process consisted of hydraulically lifting the material from the river bottom, transporting the material through piping and discharging the material into a containment area built specifically for this project. ISDS constructed this area using "jersey barriers" to form the outside walls with the inner lining composed of two layers of filter fabric.

A "weir" of sorts was constructed at the center of this containment allowing the solids to settle out prior to flowing over the inner baffle into the second settlement area. Bales of hay were placed around the exterior of the containment to further filter the discharge water and filter fabric was placed at all storm drains in the immediate area.

Once the containment was filled, the filtered liquid was allowed to drain off, the solids were mixed with a drying agent and removed by front end loaders. This procedure proved highly satisfactory with acknowledgement by the Shipyard Environmental Dept. as well as the State of Maine DEP.

Inner Space Dredging Services carried out the terms of this contract with excellent workmanship, administration and timeliness resulting in an overall rating of highly satisfactory in all categories of work."