Vermont Yankee Nuclear

"The original plans called for the use of an uplands settling pond for the dredge spoils with ultimate disposal to a permanent off site location. Inner Space Dredging Services, Inc. recommended the use of Geotextile Tubes contain the spoils.

This approach was approved by the ACOE and the State of Vermont and allowed the project to be completed without the need to stop to dispose of spoils from the limited area available for spoils processing.

In total, some five to six thousand cubic yards of material were removed and stored in Geotextile Tubes, thus increasing the plants critical flow cross section by a factor of three. The work was performed under some very adverse weather conditions, including early icing of the river; however the tenacity of ISDS allowed the project to be completed by December 22."

Note: ISSI performed four repeat dredge cycles for the power plant.